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Sunday, 20 January 2013

President Barack Obama Is Sworn In For 2nd Term..

Big moment: The oath was given quickly and held inside the White House because it is Sunday and the inauguration ceremony will be held tomorrow

President Barack Obama was sworn into his second term on Sunday at noon in front of only his wife and two daughters in a simple service. His younger daughter Sasha said 'Good job, Daddy!'
After he correctly

Keeping it brief: Mr Obama had his immediate family beside him at the ceremony, but reports also say that his other relatives were also present but out of the camera's line
Keeping it in the family: Mr Obama opted to be sworn in on a Bible that has been in Mrs Obama's family for some time
recited the oath of office. 'I did it!' he gleefully responded. Sure to keep him on his toes, he followed that up with a quick 'You didn't mess up!

The swearing in ceremony took place on Sunday in keeping with the laws states in the Constitution which states that Presidents' terms begin at noon on January 20. Well-done Obama i hope you would visit us in Nigeria.

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