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Friday, 4 January 2013

Momager Kris Jenner Lays The Smack Down.

Since KimYe announced the baby news they have received backlash from they media and anyone that has access to them. The reaction from people have been quite mixed some negative while some have been quite positive and Mama Kris has had enough and had to lay the smackdown via Facebook. See For Your Self:

Though people are allegding that its a parody account. It has received 2,170 shares, 10,190 comments and 220,798 Likes. I don't think she or anyone should care about what people think or feel, the Kardashians are people we generally love to hate.......the deed has been done anyway. Though tongues are wagging that the baby news was all a PR stunt announced to test the waters and now they have gotten the reaction they want they might actually work at having a baby or claim they had lost it. Lets wait and see. June is around the corner. 

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