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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Lori-Ogbebor Rejects Uduaghan’s Christmas Gifts


Chief Rita Lori-Ogbebor, the Igba of Warri, has rejected the Christmas gifts sent to her by Delta State Government.
In an open letter addressed to the state governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, Chief Lori-Ogbebor stated that she returned the cow, rice and other gifts due to her disappointment in Uduaghan’s administration.

She said: “By now, you already know my stand on the way you run the administration of Delta State. I feel unhappy and depressed to see the state and Itsekiriland declining from the time you assumed office.

“I have spoken to you as a mother to a son.  Itsekiri riverine areas are declining educationally and economically. The way our land is today shows no planning or foresight. There is no creation of jobs, neither is there adequate security of lives and property. For many years, there has been fighting and bloodletting in Escravos. In fact, things have got worse since you became governor. “Also, it is sad to know that when people are saying we have a governor as a son, a place like Ugborodo, which people know as the terminal for Nigerian oil, can boast of nothing but mud and water.
“There is no infrastructure, no houses, no roads, schools or hospitals.” Ogbebor also took the governor to the cleaners for allegedly forcefully taking over Okere land and beginning construction on it. The Okere people, she said, had appealed to the governor to leave the place for them because they had no other land and they needed the land to build a cultural centre.
“You caused the matter to be brought to my house in Lagos, where you discussed with Okere people and promised to leave the land for them. We all thanked you and even feasted” she said. Continuing, “you left my house, but did exactly the opposite of what you had promised. Today, the Okere people have gone to court against your government. Where then lies the trust between you and the people who voted you into power?
“I was astonished to see you depositing a cow and other gifts in my compound in Warri, when your word to Itsekiri people has not been your bond. I, therefore, reject with all that is in me your gifts,” Ogbebor concluded. This is highly commendable from a Traditional Ruler because most of her peers would just collect the Trojan Horse gift without questions. Am so proud someone is standing up for what is right. We applaud you Ma. 

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