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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Baby Names Suggestions For KimYe By Nameberry.

Will it be another K name? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their first child

Kassius or Kassia
Kanye’s former fashion stylist was a 19-year-old Yale undergrad named Cassius Clay - the white Cassius Clay - which might inspire the respelling of this Ancient Roman classic.
Cassius means hollow and recently reentered the Top 1000 for the first time since 1895; the similar girls’ name Cassia means cinnamon, which makes it perfect for this spicy couple.
Kauai, Kashmir, or Kyoto

Kimberly and Kanye are both place-names, and so the couple might want to consider another off-the-map place name, such as the Hawaiian Kauai, the Sanskrit Kashmire, or the Japanese Kyoto.
Kissa or Kito
Kanye is an African name, so it may make sense for the couple to look for another name of that origin.
Kissa is a Ugandan girls’ name that means 'born after twins', while Kito is Swahili for 'precious jewel'.
Kalista or Kalixto
The Kimye baby is sure to be gorgeous, and so one logical choice would be these female and male versions of the Greek name meaning 'beautiful'.
While the K versions of the name modernize it Kardashian-style, there were three popes named Calixto and a mythological nymph as well as the name of actress Calista Flockhart giving weight to the trend.
Kadence, Kalliope or Kalypso
Music names! Kanye might want to wrap while Kim dances along to songs with musical names Kadence, Kalliope, or Kalypso. Make the pikin land first nah. Kai people shaa.

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