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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Your Child And Sex (8-12 Years) - Praise Fowowe

LoveBird’s Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe © 2014
Your Child and Sex 49–LIFE IS GOOD (8-12years)
We tried to look at the concept of the land with respect to a child’s vagina yesterday. I usually counsel parents to ensure their daughters at this age attend some form of martial arts class like karate(our first class kicks off this Saturday in Lagos) so that they are well equipped in case they find themselves in a rape situation because a girl’s virginity is the most sought after treasure by most guys and the last thing you would want as a parent is for your daughter to be messed up.

You need to go ahead by teaching your girls that the first thing you do to a land is not to allow seeds on that land. The first thing is to identify your land (which we identified as a desirable land yesterday).
The next thing you do is to protect your land which means no man can touch a girl beyond the area she has permitted him so the reward for a touch on her breast should be a slap irrespective of the man’s status and she should follow up by reporting to you.
 The next thing is to develop a land and what that means is that your daughter must develop  her intellect. Get her books that can help her esteem and let her read early enough so that she can stand out from the crowd.
We need to begin to raise girls that won’t feel bad for doing things right so pump the right information into your daughter and let her be girl no guy can push aside. The last stage is deploying the land which is subject to the right seed and the right season.
Tell your daughter that when the right seed(male’s sperm) meets with the right soil(vagina) in the right season(marriage) bountiful harvest is inevitable but a right seed on the right land in the wrong season will produce a stunted growth.  The most important work on your part as a parent at this age is sustaining the bond of friendship between you and your daughter in a way that she is free to communicate her feelings without a sense of fear.
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