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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Your Child And Sex (8 -12 Years) - Praise Fowowe

‎LoveBird’s Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe © 2014
Your Child and Sex 46–LIFE IS GOOD (8-12years)
Hello Praise, thanks for touching on this sensitive issue because I have been having a running battle with my 11year old son as well. I have seen nude pictures especially female breast in his room and I have warned him severally against some of his friends because I know he is being wrongly influenced.
His school is very expensive but it is becoming hard to measure the morals being taught in his school. Thanks and God bless you.
Alice I- PH.
 Yesterday we started looking at what to teach your child about female breast because if you keep quiet the music and movie station would teach them something else. I found out that the beliefs among a lot of pre-teens and teens at the moment is that you can disarm an unwilling girl by touching her breast. You will need to educate your girl that the reward for a touch on her breast is a slap because her breast is not a public part; it is private. If he can touch accidentally then she can slap accidentally & apologize later.  However warn her to dress well and keep private parts private. Truth is many boys are distracted by female breast so having established the physiological composition of the breast you might want to teach your boy to re-define breast anytime his friends talk about it as ‘the milk manufacturing factory of the woman with a specialized consumer – infant. He should tell his mates that he is a big boy and big boys don’t suck breast. That should be sufficient for that age.
Of course we know (as adults) it is also an erogenous zone for ladies but that is not absolute because it is not every woman who gets sexually stimulated by touching their breast.
Have a fantastic weekend.
To be continued
I honour you.
Praise Fowowe
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