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Friday, 28 March 2014

Indian Mob Attacks, Strips Nigerian Tourist After Missing His Way

Body Of Simon Obodo Killed By Indian Mob
A Nigerian national who lost his way to Allahabad and reached Allapalli (Aheri) was chased and thrashed by a mob that suspected him for a terrorist or a Naxal during late night hours of Wednesday. The victim, Clinton Osemwegi Igbinosun sustained serious injuries, lost all his cloths and fell into an open sewer puddle as he fled for his life through the lanes of the village. Exhausted and beaten, Clinton was lying naked in a narrow lane when he was rescued by the local police sometimes after midnight. Police verified his claims and are going to hand him over to Foreign Registration Office (FRO) on Friday.
SDPO, Aheri, Suhas Bauche said that Clinton is a Nigerian visiting India on a tourist visa. He was heading to Bangalore from Delhi by a train. However, he got irritated by the poor services and amenities in the train and disembarked at Nagpur on Wednesday morning. Clinton then decided to travel by bus and asked people for a bus heading to Bangalore (Vengaluru). People however failed to understand his African accent and showed him a bus for Ballarshah (Ballarpur), where he reached by afternoon. Clinton got frustrated on learning that he reached a wrong destination and decided to head back to Allahabad from where he had initially started his journey. Again he asked for a bus for Allahabad at Ballarpur bus-stop and thanks to his heavy African accent, people showed him the bus for Allapalli. He reached Allapalli at around 10pm and instantly understood that he had again reached a wrong place. People turned suspicious towards the more than six-and-half feet tall African as he started looking for a hotel and sought direction for airport late in the night in the Naxal-affected area. "His English in African accent is very difficult to understand. Cops too had a difficult time in understanding what he said. His tall demeanour and African looks turned people suspicious towards him," said SPDO Bauche. He claimed that people sought explanations in local language and broken English, which he didn't understand either. As the crowd grew bigger, Clinton got afraid and started fleeing. People got more suspicious and started chasing him. Though Bauche did not confirm of Clinton being thrashed, local sources claimed that he was chased and beaten by the people. How Clinton lost his cloths is however a puzzle. Cops suspect that he might have himself taken off his cloths after he fell into the sewer. After running for hours to save his life, Clinton managed to dodge the crowd and took refuge in a narrow lane between two houses. Vilas Bandawar who woke up hearing mayhem, saw exhausted and injured Clinton laying naked. He helped him wash by pouring water and gave a lungi. Meanwhile, cops had reached the place on getting information and took him to hospital. "We have confirmed his whereabouts and cross-checked his claims. Clinton turned out to be an innocent foreigner who lost his way. We are going to hand him over to FRO officials," said Bauche. Times Of India.
This isnt the 1st time this is happening ,the hostility Nigerians face in India is appalling last year a Nigerian was beaten to death due to mob action(Read Here) also a hostile Nigerian banner (See Here)......Indians do worse in Nigeria and no one mobs/attacksthem. They own hospitals, electronic stores, supermarkets , factories etc......they are known to be shrewd slave drivers who use  and maltreat Nigerians while paying them peanuts. The Nigerian Goverment has to look into such hostility maybe if their Goverment is threatened they would sit up.

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