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Saturday, 1 March 2014

First Review - Michael Kors Large Selma Saffiano Top-Zip Satchel.

Hi everyone and welcome to my 1st product review.
Going forward, the idea behind the Product Reviews section on my blog is to give people an unbiased opinion of everyday items which they may be thinking about buying
These reviews will range from everyday items like baby's bottles, prams and clothing, to more 'high end' exclusive item like Prada and Louis Vuitton bags.

Every item which I review has been purchased, used & tested by myself in everyday life, meaning you will have a First Hand user opinion of how good or bad each item is. 
I will upload as many pictures as possible to show you as much details as I can on each item
Some items I will review immediately after purchase, and then again 3-6months after use to show you how well they last in everyday life
So here goes.....
Product Review 1: Michael Kors Selma Saffiano Satchel Bag - Burnt Orange
First Opinion: 8/10
After 3-6 months usage: 9/10
 I got this bag last year on my birthday on a whim;
Its' a Michael Kors Selma Saffiano Satchel Bag.
 It has a big compartment, one in the zipper on the inside and two pockets for phones and all your little nik naks. 
I bought it at the Selfridges store on Oxford Street, London for £315/$358 which is N86,988 (as of today's exchange rate: 01/03/14)
The colour is 'Burnt Orange'. I love the colour as it is very unique (and it turns out that this is a very hard to find shade in this collection)
I used it this bag religiously everyday for 6 months and I was not disappointed.
In fact the bag turned heads even when i took it to the Michael Kors store in White City, Westfield in London
The shop attendants kept asking me which one of the stores I got the bag from, while other shoppers like me kept picking the bag up asking for the exact same one,  thinking it was on display! 
It is made of fine leather and is very easy to maintain. This is a bag i would recommend because it has proved its moneys worth. i have not had any reason to clean the bag, none of the stitching has come loose, handy and easy to find stuff in the bag, its well organized, It has place to clip your keys so you dont have to look to hard for them, It has an extended handle incase you dont want to carry it as a tote bag. It measurements are Depth  12 cm , Height  25 cm ,Width  34 cm.
Its comes in different eye popping colours that would blow your mind so i recommend that if you want to get one of these babies go for a colourful one.
This is definitely a keeper. You can get them to buy House Of Fraser , Selfridges , www.net-a-porter.comJohn Lewis
P.S -Keep your eye out for more reviews and if you have any product you would like me to review, do let me know.

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