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Monday, 17 March 2014

Church In America Giving Out Free Guns To Help Recruit New Members

A Baptist church in a Kentucky town that was the site of high school shooting is drawing controversy with its gimmick of offering to give away steaks and guns to congregation members. Churches in Paducah, where three students were killed in a 1997 shooting, are hosting a 'Second Amendment Celebration' to attract new members.
Roughly 1,300 people attended Lone Oak First Baptist Church's services this month to get a steak dinner and to hear from gun expert Chuck McAlister.
25 guns were raffled during the dinner. Winners had to pass a background check to claim their prize. 'I brought a gun with me tonight' McAlister told the crowd as WJBK Fox 2 cameras rolled. 'I know that's very controversial.' Sunday school teacher David Keele said the church was after two goals. 'One, we're going to talk about the Second Amendment to bear arms. But that isn't the primary thing,' he said. 'The primary thing is who Jesus is.' Outside of Kentucky, Grace Baptist in Troy N.Y. is giving out an AR-15 on March 23. 
A flyer advertising the prize quotes the Gospel of St. John: 'My peace I give unto you.' Pastor John Koletas said: 'I'm just trying to be a blessing and a help to the gun owners and the hunters and give away a free AR-15. It's the right thing to do.' He added that the constitutional right to bear arms should not be infringed on.
At Grace Baptist, the winner must be at least 18 and undergo an FBI background check as well as meeting any state or federal requirements for gun ownership.

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