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Monday, 24 March 2014

Aborted and Miscarried Baby Remains Used to Power British Hospitals

A Channel 4 show aired this night reveals that the bodies of thousands of preborn babies were included as clinical waste in 10 National Health Service (NHS) trusts and subsequently incinerated. Two others admitted to burning the human remains as part of their "waste-to-energy" plants. Twenty-seven NHS trusts incinerated at least 15,500 fetal remains over the past two years and parents were often not consulted about the hospital's intentions for the baby remains, the Channel 4 report also claims.
In at least one hospital, Addenbrooke's in Cambridge, administrators informed nearly 800 mothers that the remains of their miscarried or aborted babies had been cremated. While Ipswich Hospital cremates the remains of miscarried and aborted babies, it reportedly still incinerated 1,101 fetal remains over the past two years, because it burns the waste from other hospitals that had not maintained a similiar policy. Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust denied that it had done anything with fetal remains that had not been previously discussed with parents "both verbally and in writing." "The parents are given exactly the same choice on the disposal of fetal remains as for a stillborn child and their personal wishes are respected,  it said. In response to the Channel 4 report, the U.K. Department of Health banned the practice on Sunday.  CP. How sad!

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