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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Your Child And Sex , 8 - 12 Years By Praise Fowowe

LoveBird’s Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe © 2013
Your Child and Sex 25–LIFE IS GOOD(8-12years)
‘Praise I feel so sad sending this to you because I have lived in denial all these years and even when you started writing I kept wondering if your stories could be true but I am in serious trouble at the moment and don’t even know how to handle this or who I should talk to because I just discovered that my 7year old daughter and my 11year old son have been having serious sexual encounter.
The shocking thing is that she leaves her room to sleep in his room all through the night and returns before dawn without our knowledge. I caught them on Sunday night and she finally opened up on what has been happening. Apparently he has been seeing a lot of porn please what is our world turning into and what can you do to help” ?.
 Good morning God’s people and thanks for reading this again today. Often times we wait till the point of drowning before we start learning to swim. There are parents who even with all we have been saying would never bother to get the sexuality education kit let alone teach their children. For your information news broke from Zaria in Kaduna state last year that most of the cases they have been treating in their hospitals are 5year olds with sexually transmitted infections so we can no longer wait as parents. Insist your church. Mosques, your child’s school and your home implement basic sexuality education that is the only way to go. For ages 8-12 you need to start them on puberty as their 2nd module and you define it as the stage when a person’s reproductive organs begin to develop and he/she is capable of having children or as the time when your body starts changing from that of a child to an adult. It begins in some girls as early as 8 although for most it starts at 11while it’s between 10-14 for boys.
To be continued
I honour you.
Order for Raising a 21st century child in a sexualized world kit www.sexandfamilycenter.org/superkidz
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