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Sunday, 16 February 2014

How Enugu Police Command Fights Crime With Catapult.

The Area Commander in Enugu State ingeniously devised his own way of complementing the conventional method of fighting crime by using catapult as an added weapon. While birds cleverly fly to its nests without being hit with catapult, criminals in Nsukka, the University town dread the Area Commander of the zone, Ros-Armson Haladu who is always identified with arming himself with catapult  while on patrol.
 Though armed to the teeth with his official rifle, the Area Commander’s new dimension of policing has added colour to the onerous duty of the police by carrying catapult at all times to prove that security agencies across the globe have to be combat-ready at any given situation. Walking round Enugu North Senatorial zone while on surveillance, the Area Commander, equipped with his crack team of fierce detectives, still carries his catapult with enough sharp stones to disperse any suspected unlawful gathering. A police source revealed that the Commander had craftily used his catapult in the past to track a fleeing vehicle in a stop-and -search operation along Nsukka-Adani-Onitsha highway.  The bandits who were armed with sophisticated weapons had dislodged policemen in Nsukka main town last year after robbing a first generation bank.  They were reportedly fleeing leisurely from the town when the Area Commander who had laid ambush on the highway with his men, used his catapult to shatter their windscreen.  In the ensuing confusion, the unsuspecting bandits were dislodged. The Area Commander’s catapult-style of policing the University Town of Nsukka has eventually given him another identity “the Catapult Policeman” as he stands out among other officers with his well tied catapult which makes the difference in the midst of others. Whenever he aims with it, people close their  eyes, bend their heads with the two hands covering their faces as a form of defense. When asked the secret of adding catapult to his arsenal in fighting crime, the officer simply laughed and advised the reporter to channel all inquiries to the Police spokesman in Enugu.
NB -A catapult A catapult is a ballistic device used to launch a projectile a great distance without the aid of explosive devices.
 Vanguard Newspaper.

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