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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Your Child And Sex - Praise Fowowe.

LoveBird’s Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe © 2013
Your Child and Sex 11–CURIOSITY & I (3-5years)
Happy new year and it is so good to be alive in this year of Kingdom government. My earnest desire is for us to form a coalition of parents this year that will checkmate child sexual abuse because just yesterday an 8month old was found to have been deflowered and it is so painful that infants are the next targets of pedophiles so kindly join me here Concerned Parents

Segun(not real names) was 5 in 2008 when the parents discovered he had erection each time a song with Makosa beat was played. Initially they thought it was normal erection until they noticed something was wrong somewhere. Eventually they took this boy for counseling and that was where it was discovered that the househelp has been having sex with him having told him sex was a way to dance Makosa.
We may never be able to fathom the effect of relinquishing the sexuality education of our children to the media. How many of us who are now parents learnt about sex from ‘Dauda the sexy guy’ otherwise known as Nakson? If we were sexually molested when there was no internet and BB you can imagine what could be happenin now?g. Many of us are not allowing our children grow the normal way and that is why a 7year old is given a BB or an Ipad as a birthday gift by his parents and you expect such a child to be sane?
Predators are not strangers they are people you know so well and some of us abuse our kids in ignoranceso watch out.
To be continued
I honour you.
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Praise Fowowe is a Sexuality Education and Family Life Coach
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