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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Your Child And Sex, 5-8 Years - Praise Fowowe.

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Your Child and Sex 17– CURIOSITY & I (5-8years)
Tunde was 7 and he would always go out to play with Kunle his 8year old friend. The 2 families had been so close for years and although Kunle’s attitude had left much to be desired over time the 2 families just felt it was one of those things but they were quite wrong because Kunle over time had been severally sodomized by the house-boy from age 4 and he had also introduced Tunde into the act.
Nobody knew there was anything happening until Tunde’s mum walked in on them mistakenly during a family visit.  Do you care to find out who your child’s friends are and what they call play? Or you are one of those parents who just assume that your child’s definition of play is your definition as well? One of the blind spots for parents is to assume that your child is safe becos his friend is same gender with him. Many parents over time have come to learn the hard way because there is so much lesbianism and gay interaction going on in the life of the children at this age so you need to teach your child about My Friend and I which is another vital module you must run your child through at this age. Seek to find out who your child’s closest friend is and why are they best of friends? Of course your child would give you a few answers but go ahead to teach that a good friend: Believes in me, Helps me do what is right, Corrects me when I go wrong(they don’t like that), Respects other people including elders, Helps me become better, Shares my values and helps me to live by my values,  A bad friend on the other hand: Helps me do what is wrong, Pulls me down, Brings wrong information like bad movies and pictures, Tries to touch my private parts, Teaches me to keep things away from my parents. Above all the onus lies on you to ask your child to bring his friends home while you observe from afar the type of association he/she keeps. Friendship must be value based.
to be continued
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