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Saturday, 4 January 2014

What Is Wrong With Musician, Jesse Jagz?

A friend took this picture of former Chocolate city artiste,  Jesse Jagz at the just concluded basketball tourney held in Gboko, Benue State, at 1st when i saw the picture i ahd to do a double take because i could not say for sure if it was him, sure enough it was. He lOoks gaunt infact another friend said hes beginning to look like a young Majek Fashek, which is not a good sign. He's known for indulging in that leaf burning stick thing. And that has often lead him into trouble because he's put f it when ever he gets down. We need an intervention for this guy. If there is any one that can reach out to him they should do so and fast. He doesnt not look nice at all. Please some one should tell him the truth soon. Hopefully he gets to see/read this. Jesse you are full of talent and good at what you do as well as speak up for the people. Please we dont want to loose you. TALLY.

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