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Sunday, 22 December 2013

The WoW Factor Is Over, Magazines With Kardashian Covers Fail To Sell.

                               Is the end near? Less and less people are tuning into Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which pulled in only 1.7m viewers for Sunday's episode that featured Kim's baby shower     
Is the end near?  A new sign that the popularity of the Kardashian family is fading fast is the effect they’re having on magazine sales. “It’s over. The fatigue factor has really set in,” a magazine publisher told the New York Post “None of the Kardashians, either alone or together, is selling.”
One glossy mag dropped over 100,000 in average sales with a pic of Kim Kardashian in a bikini on the cover and another was down 50,000 from its average number of copies with a cover story on Kris and Bruce Jenner‘s split.  The publisher put some of the blame on Kanye West becoming a member of the clan.  “Kanye West is so nasty and aggressive. People don’t like him,” the publisher told the Post. “It’s rubbed off on Kim. It’s rubbed off on the whole family.” Radar has reported on the sinking Keeping Up with the Kardashians ratings. In October, the reality show reached an all-time low of 1.7m viewers - a lot less than the 4.1m who tuned in to see Kim tie the knot with Kris Humphries back in 2009. An industry insider previously told Radar: 'This is looking really bad for the Kardashians and their show,' “It’s simple – overkill,” Marc Berman of TV Media Insights said. “The Kardashians are everywhere. They never take a break.”

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