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Sunday, 1 December 2013

OAP Matse Uwatse Nnoli Shares Inspiring Story Of Her Life.

Matse and Her Hubby.
2013!!! Slowly coming to an end. A year of many joys and enlightenment. If one had told me on the 31st of December 2012 when I lit fireworks and screamed "Happy New Year!" that I would be married and expecting a miracle; my mini-me, I would have doubted. If someone had told me I would be a dual citizen of Nigeria and Germany, I would have wondered how. I was terribly hurt in 2012 but in just one year my life changed forever. Some have said, "Can she ever settle down?", "Who will marry this feminist?" "Which man go put this one for house?".
Well, my God has answered those questions. :-) I have grown mentally, spritually and emotionally. I have learnt not to be selfish and more tolerant. It wasn't all roses in 2013...I lost my job that I put so much into but gratefully other doors are opening. I was sick beyond comprehension and thought I would die but God was with me. I fought with some family members but it brought us closer. I gained better relationships with my loved ones and I acquired a brand new family (The Nnolis) and in the process of making my own. As the last days of December 2013 comes, keep believing, keep fighting and stay strong. Miracles do happen. You heart desires will be granted. Your pain will be removed and your joy established. But remember, always keep a clean heart and wish others no evil and I guaranty you, it will be well with you shortly. Lord, I thank you for 2013...It is a year I will always remember. Keep us all to enjoy the blessing of 2014. #SelfReflection #Gratitude #ThanksGiving #Progress #Blessings #GodIsGood #Prayer. Be encouraged if he can do it for her he can do it for you.

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