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Monday, 9 December 2013

Ghanaian Tinsel Actor Omar Sharif Captan Gets Hitched AGAIN.

He is well known in Nigeria for playing the role of Amaka Okoh's estranged randy husband Reginald in Tinsel before he was written off. He got married quietly to his co star in Tinsel, Alexis Okoroji  daughter of Tony Okoroji Copyright Society Of Nigeria, COSON founder. They have a son together.
She relocated to Ghana with him and their son called Raymond. So i was quite shocked when i learnt he got married in Ghana on Saturday to a lady called Cynthia who's also an actress. Ghanaian Actor Van Vicker was his best man. There's speculation that Omar and Alex are still married.
                                                         Omar and Son Raymond.
                                                                 Alexis and Raymond.
She was interviewed by National Mirror Online, June this year and this was what she had to say about her marriage:
     Oh dear i pray they settle any misunderstanding they have for the sake of their son.


  1. looooooooooool you're praying for Raymond, how about his daughters from a ghanaian and a nigerian woman,,,,,,, God is in heaven watching.

  2. tor so he has more than one child, i wont have known. Oh dear what a messed up life