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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

First Wheel Chair Bound Person Becomes 1ST Disabled Coach.

                                                  Hearing about Sohail Rehman's goals, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson wrote to encourage him
A wheelchair-bound football fan has become the world’s first disabled coach in the able-bodied game after receiving a letter of praise from Sir Alex Ferguson. Sohail Rehman, 21, was born with spinal muscular atrophy which left him struggled to walk a few steps, and by 13 he was in a wheelchair.
But a passionate football fan and player, he was determined not to let the condition push him out of the game. He studied sports technology at college, and spent the rest of his time pitch-side - at school and at Old Trafford with the Manchester United disabled supporters association. Two years ago, a letter arrived at his home in Keighley, near Leeds, from former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, and it sealed his ambition. Mr Rehman said: 'When the chance to play was taken away from me I think it was the only option I had really. 'I could watch the game but I always wanted to do more than watch it. 'I did it all the way up to college and then once I got to college they said to me you know so much about sports why don’t you do sports.

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