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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Unveiling The No.1 Gospel Blog In Africa; GospelHotspot.Net

Gospel Hotspot is a pure Gospel Media blog  that is all about lifting up Jesus Christ and spreading the Gospel in News, Music,  Videos, Inspirational Messages, Podcast, Events, and lot more on: http://www.gospelhotspot.net/
 We feature and post WEEKLY on our Blog:

-Gospel News: Gospelration News
-Gospel Music: Gospel Artists in many genres that are represented around the world.
-Innovative Videos:  Musical Video, Praise Teams, Dance Teams, Choirs, Sermon and more.
- Gospel Events/Programmes: Crusades, Praise Night, Concerts, Live broadcast
-Podcast: A fabulous podcast powered by In His Steps Magazine
- Photos Of The Day:  Inspiring photos for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Blacberry, Android Mobile, PC that visually speaks the message of Christ.
- Inspirational Message:  Sermons from various men of God
-Lyrics: Inspirational lyrical words & Songs
-Interviews/Write Up
Gospel Hotspot? What does that name mean??
Gospel: Gospel is the The Good News of God’s ONLY Son “Jesus Christ” who came and died as a sacrifice for mankind’s condition of sin. Giving mankind a way to be saved from the condition of sin and punishment of eternal separation from God. It’s all of what we have as believer’s “In Christ” as God’s Word “The BIBLE” states. That there is only ONE Way to God the Father and that is through Jesus Christ His Son.
 Hotspot: You won’t find the word “Hotspot” in the Bible. This 21st Century use of the English word “Hotspot” means simply “Any location where Internet Access is made publicly Available”. We understand how technology continues to advance and how it has introduced “something new” to our daily lives.
 To this world, the Gospel is STILL something new. Until Jesus returns, the Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be presented, shared and received as it’s something NEW. God’s Word never changes, but to those who believe they are forever changed and perfected into the image of Christ.
Gospel Hotspot: For Christ and His Kingdom

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