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Monday, 25 November 2013

DJ Humility Calls Goes After Wale The Rapper On Twitter.

DJ Humility and Wale.
DJ Humilty tweeted this yesterday and everyone was shocked we all thought it was because Wale didnt honour his word to be at the FOZ concert but Humility later went on to expalin whay he called wale a Bastard. Read Tweets Below.

American rapper Wale was supposed to be in Nigeria last week for the Fire Of Zamani Concert but at the last minute he came on twitter to let his fans know he wont be able to make it to Nigeria anymore for that event but would still be in Nigeria at a later date. Wale hasnt responded to the tweet maybe because it didnt @him. Anyway if this si true then its rather sad the way we put these so called stars on our heads and they go out of their way to disrespect us. Remember Kim K , she only stayed for 15 minutes and barely said a thing, Morris Chestnut came to Nigeria and was really sour even giving off a diva attitude, Kanye west also did same when he came for star mega jamz and refused to cooperate with the press.The list is endeless. In the end they would still claim their pay. How come we never heard of the MI issue.

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