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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Woman Not Seen For 30 Years Found Dead.

Grim find: A police officer stands guard outside the crumbling home where the bodies of two women, believed to be Caroline Jessett and her elderly mother Pauline were found  The House.
A woman not seen by neighbours for 30 years has been found dead with her daughter after complaints of a pungent smell coming from their dilapidated house. Police who broke into the property found the body of Caroline Jessett, aged in her 50s, but were forced to flee amid fears the house would collapse on them. When they returned today they discovered her mother, Pauline, who was aged in her 70s.
The women were thought to have been dead since at least June, and in the case of Mrs Jessett potentially for much longer. Neighbours described both women as reclusive and some said they had not seen Mrs Jessett for 30 years. Those living in the street in Littlemore, Oxfordshire said that curtains at the Jessett home were always drawn, and the women always refused to answer callers’ knocks on the front door. Detectives were treating both deaths as 'unexplained', but not suspicious. When people keep to themselves or dont have families why wont this happen. The selfishness in this Country is so unheard off. Didnt she have extended family. Mind your business attitude here is very strange.

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