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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Senator Ted Cruz Apologizes For HIS Distasteful Joke.

Ted Cruz Angers Nigerian-Americans With Obamacare Remarks (ABC News)
Senator Ted Cruz.
According to a letter from the senator released at the weekend to leaders of the Nigerian community in Houston, Texas, where the controversial comments were made, Cruz “regrets any misunderstanding.” Cruz has been bombarded with several phone calls from the Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans, also known as CANAN, in Houston calling his comments distasteful and disparaging.
"Cruz has maligned all hardworking, decent and outstanding Nigerian-Americans who add value and bring goodwill to their different communities, especially in Texas, with the largest concentration of Nigerian-Americans in this country. The Apology letter read thus:
Earlier this week, Sen. Ted Cruz made a joke in which he used the term ‘Nigerian email scammers have become a lot less active lately . They have all been hired to run the Obamacare Website.”Senator Cruz regrets that “it is unfortunate that we’re living in a time where just about every joke can be misconstrued to cause offense to someone.” Cruz has never, nor would ever use a blanket term in a derogatory fashion against such a vibrant and integral part of our community. This usage was never directed to the Nigerian community as a whole. “To the good people of Nigeria - a beautiful nation where my wife lived briefly as the child of missionaries - no offense was intended. “I am fully appreciative of the range of mutual economic and security interests that make Nigeria an important friend to the United States,” Cruz said in a statement Sunday. Am glad he was called to order though alot of Nigerian do not help by misbehaving he should not use the same brush to tar all of us. 
ABC News.

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