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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Nigerian Killed In Carjacking Incident In Kenya.

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A passenger was on Monday night shot dead in a robbery on a matatu along Mombasa Road, Nairobi. The Nigerian national was riding on a matatu that was headed for Kitengela when some of the passengers turned out to be thugs and carjacked it. Police and witnesses say the deceased had refused to heed the thugs€ orders and tried to argue with them as they demanded cash and other valuables. Nairobi County police chief Benson Kibue said witnesses say there had been an argument between the gang and the deceased before he was shot at close range.
€œWe have always advised the public to heed orders of armed thugs or anyone armed. That way we will ensure our safety but we are hunting down on the gang,รข€ said Kibue. The gang later commandeered the bus into a dark alley along Mombasa Road where they robbed the passengers with the deceased man inside and later escaped on foot with the loot.

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