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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Meet Nigerian Stylist To The Stars, Ogochukwu Offodile, Solange Knowles Stylist.

When did you first realise you had a talent for styling? Growing up I’ve always loved to play dress up and experiment with looks either on myself and others, even against their own will :) For me, an interest in fashion and style has always been there so it truly was a natural progression to take an interest in styling and decide to make a professional career out of it.
Who has encouraged and supported you the most throughout your career? Aside from my sister and business partner Chichi, my mother is my no. 1 cheerleader and true supporter. She is a blessing and jolt of light in times of distress.

What stylists, designers and models are you inspired by? I am mostly inspired by people who push boundaries and introduce innovative concepts within their respective fields.
What happened in your first meeting with Solange and how have you evolved her style since those earlier days? Our first meeting with Solange was on the set of a photo-shoot back in 2010. Our aesthetics were a perfect mix which led to the relationship extending beyond the set. From then and now I would say her style is uniquely identifiable, refined and has evolved into an aesthetic that remains exciting!
What has been Solange’s best outfit ever? I have too many favorites :) but if I had to pick two to date it will be the Marni look for the 2012 CFDA Awards and the cream short suit by Esteban Cortazar she wore for a fundraising dinner with Barack Obama.

Ogo and Solange
Tell us something about Solange that no-one else knows. She is one of the most humble and down to earth person I have ever met.
What item does she wear more than another and how does Solange dress day to day? She dresses with comfort in mind… always!
What is the direct crossover between your own aesthetic and Solange’s? I approach styling from a global perspective and I am always on the hunt for ideas and designers that offer inventive, something unique and allow for self expression through their collections. So when I pull looks for Solange I always have that in mind along with what the event is, her current mood, and what message we are trying to send with a look. I think the primary concern for me is how she feels in a look. I can be quoted at almost every style session saying “how do you feel in this”.
Who is your hero? My parents are definitely my heroes.
Where do you hope to be living, working and who will you be loving in 5 years time? I hope to be traveling more and doing the things I love and hopefully loving my future husband to be :)
Where does success lie for you? Success for me is happiness! Achieving the goals I have set in life, living life to its fullest, finding joy in doing the things I love and surrounding myself by people who love me just as much as I love them.
How would friends describe you? A giver, good listener, kind, funny and a laid back kinda girl.
Which female artists will be important in 2013? I think any female artist that pushes the envelope the most will be important. People need to be inspired and taken by surprise. It will be an artist with the complete package – musically gifted with style and finesse. Emeli Sandé is a new favorite, her vocal cords are amazing! Weldone babe am mighty proud of you.
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