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Monday, 7 October 2013

Coffin Sellers Refuse To Change Late Governor Agagu's Coffin.

Efforts to buy another casket after the gold one bearing the remains of former Governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Agagu, was retrieved from the crash site were rebuffed by coffin sellers, Saturday Independent has revealed. According to a reliable source, “some members of the Agagu Burial Planning Committee and close family associates were seen making frantic efforts all morning to buy another casket from Lagos sellers but they were snubbed.”
Saturday Independent gathered that as much as N5million was offered for the replacement of the damaged gold casket which was supplied by MIC undertakers to some of the sellers around the city but they had all agreed through telephone contacts that no one should sell another casket to the family especially with the death of the Managing Director of MIC, Tunji Okusanya, and his first son in the crash. According to our source, “Casket sellers and undertakers in the state had all been previously warned through an earlier prediction by a spiritualist of an impeding tragedy, following the sudden death of the late governor during a political meeting in Lagos. “In fact, many signals had been received suggestive that his death was ‘mysterious’ and that it would definitely cause some confusion and so when the crash occurred in the morning of Thursday, it was natural that no one would be willing to sell another casket to the family,” the source said. It was learnt that after efforts to convince the sellers failed, the family eventually got another gold casket from MIC Undertakers to eventually bury the governor with the MIC logo.
Daily Independent Newspaper.

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