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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Pictures Of Omotola From Muiyiwa Goes To Nollywood Concert.

Omotola Arrives The Event.
Omotola Been Interviewed By Muiyiwa.

Capt. and Mrs Matthew Ekehinde
Omotola singing with Muiyiwa and Band
Jocelyn Dumas, Muiyiwa and Omotola.
The concert was put together by Gospel artiste Muyiwa of the riversongz fame. The whole hall was filled with excitement as the highly anticipated show got underway. All eyes were glued on stage, dancing, singing and waiting... Then it happened. 
The special guest of the Night was introduced on stage and the hall literally caught fire! Omosexy as she's famously called looked ravishing in her royal purple Roooi elegance piece, all jaws dropped! 
Omotola was interviewed about her Christian background and backbone by international singer Muyiwa and one of the most influential people of the world even sang and danced. It was truly a night to remember. Omotola , Muyiwa and the very beautiful Joselyn Dumas truly brought the house down.
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