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Monday, 8 July 2013

Rich Brat Calls Kim Kardashian And Family Peasants.

Jaw-dropping: The teenager posted a collage showing himself tying $4,000 to balloons before watching it disappear over a bridge
Lavish Tying $4k To Hellium Balloons And Letting It Float.
'Lavish P', allegedly a 17-year-old from San Francisco, California, has become an internet celebrity after his Instagram feed began circulating the web.

His outrageous photographs show him bathing in cash, flaunting designer buys and tying wads of dollars to helium balloons. His amazing 'life problems' posted on his Twitter account includes getting his arm hair caught in his 'new 89K Rolex' and not being able to read the menu at a five-star restaurant due to the ‘ambient lighting’. He also complains that his mansion is so big his wireless internet does not cover all of it.
On his own website he describes himself as wealthy teenager from San Francisco, with a life which is ‘like Louis Vuitton - everyone wants it. Writing about himself in third person, he adds: ‘Playing Polo and Golf are his favorite past times. Sipping cappuccinos in his multi-million dollar penthouse, he loves taking balling to a whole new level. ‘Your life saving are considered pocket change to him.'

Hitting out: Lavish launched an attack on reality television star Kim Kardashian accusing her of being a 'poor peasant'

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