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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Chinese Universities Ban Bras To Checkmate Cheating.

Detector: A females student goes through a security check as she enters the exam room for the gaokao
A Student Been Checked.
Chinese students have been banned from wearing bras in a move to stop cheating in one of the world's toughest exams. Students will have to go through a metal detector before the university entrance exams, known as gaokao, as authorities crack down on the use of hidden gadgets like wireless listening devices.

Any items of clothing containing metal - including bras with underwires or metal clasps - will set off the detector causing students to be stopped from entering the test. Students with pacemakers or other metal implants in their body, including fillings, will have to provide a certificate from a hospital. Girls have been advised that sports bras without any metal clasps are allowed. Last year police arrested more than 1,500 students for cheating and stealing exam papers, and seized more than 60,000 electronic devices, the China Daily reported at the time. And in 2009 teachers in Jilin Province were caught selling cheating gadgets to students. Many students and parents welcomed the move although some thought it was going too far.

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