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Monday, 8 April 2013

Common Mistakes Men Make - Praise Fowowe.

I Can Handle Any Woman Syndrome’
A common mistake a lot of married men make is the natural assumption that they have all it takes to handle a woman. When the great theologian Simon Peter wrote ‘Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife’ he knew exactly that you can’t assume a woman because a woman is one of the most complex and interesting beings made by God because she could be angry when you think she is excited and excited when you think she is angry. There is a lot to discover about a woman such that the moment you assume you understand her you get yourself into serious trouble. Have you ever taken time out to seek to understand your woman?
Do you know the effect her upbringing is having on her personality and sexual response? Can you hear what she is not saying and are you aware there are major differences between you and her? Where you apply logic she applies emotions; where you want a recreational companion she wants a chat mate(communication); where you prioritize your work, her home is everything to her; where your words is an expression of your thinking, hers is an expression of her feelings. That is why she can tell you this minute that you are the best man to her and the next minute tell you she doesn’t feel loved. Not understanding that she is expressing her feelings which is not a true reflection of her reality can drive you crazy and make you respond in a wicked manner. Are you aware she needs about 8 non sexual touches per day to retain her feminity?  And do you know  that it is not all the time that she is talking to you that she wants you to solve her problem? Sometimes she just wants to talk and have your 100% attention but you want to summarize what she is saying thinking you know the end. Do you know your woman prefers the gifts of your hears to your mouth? Men! You can’t assume a woman because they come in different packages. A woman is a school you must humble yourself to attend and understand to be able to get the best out of her and your marriage. If you are not humble enough enough to seek to understand her before being understood you will assume a lot of things and may not get the best out of her. Not understanding that every woman (good or bad) is a reflection of a man in her life that either built or destroyed her can make you judge her wrongly and not understanding that a woman is malleable and can be shaped can affect your ability to get the best out of her. Do you know her love language? Are you aware it is not every woman that hears ‘I love you’ by you saying it in words? You call her ungrateful and you are upset cos she never used what you bought for her without seeking to understand how she wants to be loved. You think she wants to rule and ride you because she always wants you to help her out with house chores not knowing it is her way of hearing ‘I love you’ and that what she hears is ‘I don’t love you enough’ everytime you decline her request for assistance irrespective of how much you think you are spending on her. Some women hear I love you when you say it with words and not using positive affirmation can kill such women’s esteem; others hear it by gifts(not necessarily the quality but the consistency of the gifts). Some other women hear I love you by spending quality time with them while others hear it by you touching them(don’t wait till you want to have sex to touch your woman). The last category however hear I love you by your acts of service so she sends you on errands and asks you to do mundane things that gets you angry not knowing it is her way of hearing ‘I love you’. I have seen too many men run an organization who found it difficult to run their homes. How many celebrity marriages have we seen break down within the first one year? As a matter of fact a lot of men who married out of her beauty soon found out that it was a body they married not the real person. The depth of a woman is beyond comprehension and it takes a wise man to unearth her that is why you don’t need to marry if you are not willing to become her student to pick the signal of how best to maximize this complex but interesting creature.. Are you aware women come in 4 different brand of cars and you can’t afford to drive them based on assumption but the way they were configured to be driven? The first class of package is the Intimidating wife – She is a natural leader and executive who loves to move from one project to another and has lofty dreams that she can’t stand any one standing in her way. Do you know the best way to handle her is to serve her and be matured enough to earn her respect. Once she sees a father and a mentor in you she will learn to live by your counsel and understanding her also helps you overlook her tendency to want to take the lead. If you listen to your friends they will tell you that she is the husband but if you listen to her creator He will tell you that she is a global arrow in your quaver that you can either shoot to the entire world and become a proud coach of a successful player or you pocket her and become a husband to a nagging wife. You shouldn’t have a problem with her popularity because she goes everywhere in your name and that is a mark of greatness. Don’t surrender the use of your car to your family members or friends because that they can’t stand her success doesn’t mean she is proud so father her without killing the global spirit in her.
Prayers: God give me a revelation of my woman

Inability To Groom Your Woman’
A man spends his life and time chasing a woman and gets her to the altar after which he abandons and he expects her to be excited about it. I understand the hunting instinct in you that doesn’t feel the motivation to go hunting for her again simply because your prey has already been captured but what you fail to understand is that the same set skills you deployed to chase her before marrying her is the same skills needed to chase and groom her. Many of us take our women for granted and you expect her to come out good for you. Of a bigger pain to me are men who run their women down and takes off to run after younger girls. I often warn those girls to take a look at his wife because what he has made her is where your future would be. A man is regarded as a bride-groom at the point of marriage and that word simply means a groomer of a bride. What that means invariably is that your woman is expected to be better than you. The question you need to ask yourself as a woman is ‘How well have you groomed your woman’. Grooming a woman is seeking to improve her and getting the best of her. Your aim must always be to make her the cynosure of all eyes and the envy of her world. How well have you achieved that? So many men are so selfish about themselves that they have no time to pay attention to your woman. When was the last time you encouraged her to take a course; changed her wardrobe; empower her to do something in her line of passion; or even take her place in the kitchen so that she can have the required rest? Would her father be proud of what you have made out of his daughter or her mother is regretting giving her out to a man like you?
Praise Fowowe.

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