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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Omotola The Un-Real Me, My Opinion.

I didnt want to respond to this Omotola's tweet but i cant just keep quiet. When i heard she was doing a reality show i really looked forward to it but after watching the 1st episode i was highly disappointed. I was one of those that called her show fake, it reeks of FAKENESS who cries when they drop their kids at school, come on give us a break, the 1st episode when her assisstant in Ghana woke up from sleep the way she reacted just showed how unREAL she was, we know Omotola has a fiery temper.
Felt like she was acting a script. She responded to her critics that #sangostriketheirteeth, well sango should strike her own teeth for staging her reality show, besides for her to reply her fans then we have definately hit a raw nerve. Besides thought you were a Christian why invoke sango????????? Please while you are at it learn to spell correctly, Its Stared not Starred. Omotola you just turned the spotlight on your show by saying what you said and alot of your fans would see the fakeness of your show. You are a public figure and subject to criticisms good or bad...DEAL WITH IT.  Please the show should be called Omotola the UN"REAL" me
P.S : This is by no means a diss fest, there's room for improvement and alot can be done to make the show real and interesting. I applaud her efforts o step out of the box.

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