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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Nollywood Movies And Funny Names.

Tears for Breastmilk and Django, kai hunger can kill oh. Hanks Anuku don act part 2 of Django when part 1 never sell well well. Greed. Tears For Breastmilk, Olu Jacobs beht WHY? There need to be a regulatory body for all this kind of substandard movies.

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  1. Django (King of the Jungle) Part 1 with Hanks Anuku did sell back then! In fact, a lot of people loved the background score of the movie! I still remember how everyone in high school came back after a certain holiday singing 'Everybody say Djan, Djan, Djan; everybody say go, go, go; join am together, Django, Django is the King of the Jungle'