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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Lindsay Banned From Hotel.

Here comes trouble: The Mean Girls actress has been at the centre of plenty of drama this weekBig spenders: Chateau Marmont is frequented by some famous Hollywood names as a place to hang out
Lindsay Lohan has been banned from a Hotel after raking up a bill of $46,350.04 and not paying a cent of the money after repeated attempts to make her pay up.

 Lilo stayed in the upscale Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood during June and July of this year, all the while racking up heavy room service bills. In a letter to Lindsay,hotel general manager Philip Pavel wrote to the troubled 26-year-old on July 31, reiterating their ‘repeated attempts to resolve’ the bill.
Philip writes: ‘As you are aware from our previous correspondences starting on July 8, you currently owe the hotel a grand total of $46,350.04 in charges for your stay starting on May 30, 2012.’
The general manager of the hotel also informed Lindsay that she would no longer be welcome on their premises.

Letter to Lindsay:

Letter of intent: Lindsay Lohan has been banned from the Chateau Marmont after failing to pay a bill of $46,000

Her Itemized Bill:

The big bill: Lindsay failed to settle her debt with the hotel and was asked to remove her things from the suite

Money makes the world go round: Amongst the things Lindsay was charged for were garden services, mini bar and cigarettes

Paying the price: The hotel removed a $75 daily cost for rental of a laptop as a sign of good faith
Long stay: The Machete star ran up the huge bill after staying at the hotel from 31 to May to 1 August

Please have all of your belongings removed from Suite 33 by 12:00PM, Wednesday, August, 1, 2012.’
Not only was Lindsay told that she would have to leave her suite at the hotel, she was also told that she could no longer use the facilities or eat in the popular restaurant. Lindsay was staying in the hotel while she filmed Liz & Dick – where she plays Elizabeth Taylor in the biopic of her life.

The big bills: A total balance of $46,350.04 was left unpaid by Lindsay as the hotel banned her from their grounds

Expensive habit: Lindsay was charged for several packets of cigarettes almost on a daily basis

SERIOUSLY this girl needs to be flogged.

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