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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Rihanna - Where Have You Been-Illuminati IS REAL Y'all.


The opening scene, we see her as an alligator lurking about in a dark swamp. There are a lot of people that believe her transformation into the human Rihanna is a symbol of animalistic shapeshifting. Since I'm not an expert on this, I'll just leave it at that and you can research further if you really want to find out.

Next we see her hilighting only one eye as usual. I mean, what Rihanna video would be complete without it?

Then she goes on to do some sort of tribal dance with a group of men. You can see in the background both the crescent moon and OF COURSE, a pyramid. It's almost becoming laughable. Like really? Another pyramid? Could you make it any more obvious?
The crescent moon is a symbol associated with the Indian/Hindu iconography, specifically within Tantric Hinduism. An example of that is Shiva. The crescent, symbolising the re-birth or regenerative aspect of the Moon, is symbolic of feminine power and womanhood. We'll see examples of that coming up.

[center]Notice her Shiva-like pants[/center]

Next the video cuts to her dancing in a room with a bunch of women. The room has a reddish-orangish, fire-colored warmth to it, possibly symbolizing hell. In this scene, we can see quite a few things present. The first example is the black skull hidden within the lace pattern of her shirt:

In the background, there are 2 baphomet heads. WOW! What a coincidence, huh? Yeah right.

The creepiest part of this scene is the "throne" in the background. It looks like there is some type of strange being sitting on it, although it's like a wispy, smokey shape. This is like the devil watching her dance for him. (If you think I'm crazy, what else could that possibly be there for? Please explain it to me.) He sits on his throne and watches as she gyrates around like a skank with all the other women. Note the girls on their backs with their legs spread open. Hope your 11 year old daughters aren't watching

The most obvious slap in your face comes with the dancers actually forming an eye with their hands! Sheesh! They're really just puttin' it all right out there for you to see. They form one eye with Rihanna in the center as the pupil. Just to make sure that you KNOW it's an eye...they actually make it blink. When I saw this for the first time, my jaw dropped.

After that, we can see Rihanna singing Unclad and emphasizing the female sexuality theme. We see it again when they blast images of her touching herself. When she's dancing with the group, you see the whole shot, but during the part where she's touching her girly parts, they emphasize it by doing a sort of split screen and doubling the image of her and making the second one bigger--just to make SURE you see it.

When she's done dancing around, we see her wearing some pink dress and her personalities seem to "split" (Hmmm...Monarch Programming undertones ya think?). I happened to notice an image of her hidden in the background. It shows her face and of course...one eye. I did a child-like drawing around it so you can see better.

As I said earlier, she has her Shiva symbolism in this video, too. Look at the arms-- totally obvious.

This next image is a good one

[center]Let's see...
Reptile theme? She wears reptile costuming
Mostly submersed in water like her swamp scene
Crescent Moon? Yep.
Gold hoop earrings? She wears them in this video.
Weird rock thing? It's in her dance sequence w/the pyramid.
All-seeing eye? Got it.
Check and check. [/center]

Now let's cut to her gold face mask. Looks like a glittery, shimmery face-framing design, right? Yep. But if you look closely, it's made up of inverted crosses (that's no accident) and dollar signs.

After flashing her face full of gold, we see one of her dancers with face paint on. And (gasp!) wouldn't you know it-- he's got some baphomet horns painted on! Surprise surprise. Of course he's dancing in front of a hellish fiery-red blazing background.

As her final scene and approaches (and her shapeshifting back into an alligator) she stops and looks at the camera to flash what else but one eye. The perfect ending.

Sorry i had to copy and paste the story was soooo long.

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